A letter from our CEO

Dear prospective client,

Thank you for considering MEA Strategic Solutions as your staffing partner. I’m Mike Anderson, the founder and CEO of MEA. After a 30 year IT career and several years as a CIO, I started MEA Strategic Solutions. I started MEA because I often found myself working with staffing and search firms that would simply bury me in resumes, letting me do the technical screen, and then they’d hope and pray that one of their candidates would “stick”. For that, I was expected to pay a fee that was anywhere from 25% to 40% of the first year’s base compensation.

So many times, I would provide detailed position requirements, a job description, and participate in a lengthy discussion about our culture. But, I still would get six or seven candidates for the position that may or may not be technically qualified, sufficiently experienced, or have the educational credentials we needed. In all candor, they were just plain duds.

Sound familiar?

Well, we don’t do that. I never want to be a firm that does that.

We carefully listen to you. We listen to your requirements, work to understand your culture, visit your office if you invite us, and we make sure we DO NOT EVER shot gun marginally qualified candidates just to get you some warm bodies. We try to understand your management style, get a sense of your personality, and understand your business. We interview candidates for their tech skills, communication skills, and cultural fit.  And from you, we ask you to commit to us that you will provide feedback on candidates as soon as possible, so if we do miss, we can better hone our search efforts from your feedback. The better the dialogue, the better the candidates.

I love this business, I love our partners, and our partners love us. We have references that will make your head spin. So, if you want to work with a search firm that is as committed to your success as we are to our own, please contact us and we can tell you more.

Thank you,



(866) 867-0486 x700